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WECO 2C is an ideal solution for the home and other applications where the warmth of wood is desired, including rehabilitations, hotels, dormitories and other types of residential facilities, as well as many other building types.


Highly-qualified specialists in all the technical aspects of window design participated in the development of the Weco Window system, assuring the highest quality of its components and details.


We take care of everything: every window is custom built and installed on site by our own personnel anywhere in the world.

© Photos: Markus Schroll


© wecowindows 2016

WECO developed a number of custom window designs for the renovation of a house in the north of Madrid, including a floor-to-ceiling glass nook. Windows combine fixed and operable glass in a variety of layouts.


© Fotos: Markus Schroll


The windows for this vacation home, designed by Iciar de las Casas, use an earlier version of the WECO window, in which the exterior face of the glass is framed in wood. WECO supplied sliding, tilt-and-turn, pivoting and fixed windows in a variety of sizes.


Realized in 2013

© Photos: Juan Rodríguez

Weco supplied the windows for the renovation of an individual apartment  in central Madrid. The clients opted for painting the borders of the glass white and mounting the window over the interior side of the wall, thus maximizing the glass area.


Realized in 2015


© Photos: Juan Rodríguez

An example of the use of WECO 2C for a renovation, here in a mid-century modern house. The system allows large openings and unobstructed views with a minimum of framing.


Realized in 2015

© Photos: Markus Schroll

An early version of WECO’s pivoting window, for the renovation of a private home. The exterior frame of laminated and varnished wood harmonizes perfectly with the rough granite facade.



The WECO 2C window system was officially presented in May of 2014 at Madrid’s VETECO trade fair (International Window, Curtain Wall and Structural Glass Trade Show), at the special invitation of the organizers, and with the support Roto Frank. This renowned German hardware manufacturer is one of our technical consultants.